Gearboxx Performance Engine Tuner Chip

This is a review and analysis of the Gearboxx Performance Engine Tuner Chip module. If you are looking for a REAL Gearboxx Performance Engine Tuner Chip review, then this is for you! What is this product and what does it do? Let’s take a closer look:

Company Profile

The manufacturer is a familiar company to our reviews, as they also sell the “Quicktune Performance Chip”, which, after our tests, was determined to be just another light blinker module. The manufacturer is a company called ‘Quicktune’, according to the packaging. Their website,, offers the ‘Quicktune Performance Chips’, but the newer ‘Gearboxx’ chips are only sold on ebay so far and do not appear on the website. They are sold on ebay by the seller id ‘recrepairinfo’.

The product shape looks almost identical to the Quicktune chips and Nitro OBD light blinker scams, so we are already very suspicious of this product. Let’s see what it actually does.


The cost at the time of this review on ebay for the Gearboxx Engine Performance Module was $68.44 USD. This price is too low to be a genuine performance chip. The seller’s other items do not help – they also sell the ‘Quicktune performance module’, which we previously found to be another light blinker scam. 

Product Appearance

Gearboxx Performance Engine Tuner Chip -Diesel (Left) – Gasoline (Right)

The module comes in the two colors shown above – Yellow supposedly for Diesel engines and Purple supposedly for Gasoline engines.

As with most scam chips, the seller claims it fits numerous year vehicles – so it is obviously not custom programmed for a specific vehicle. This seller is somewhat sneaky about the listing – they list one chip for a specific vehicle model, but the description says it is compatible with all vehicles made after 1996 (these have an OBD2 port):

Gearboxx Claims to fit All Vehicles Made after 1996

This claim is common with chip scams, as they always want the buyer to assume their vehicle is compatible with the module and provides the seller with a wider market of buyers. So far we do not see any evidence that the module is custom programmed, but further analysis will let us know for sure. If the module is just another light blinker – it would indeed work with all vehicles made after 1996 because all it needs to work is +12V and ground, which is in the same location on all vehicles made after 1996.

Another suspicious factor is the comparison by the seller of the Gearboxx module to other known scam chips :

Gearboxx Product Comparison to Scam Chips

The above products shown, the red, blue, yellow and green modules are all Nitro OBD light blinker scams, which we have determined in previous reviews to be exactly identical inside to this seller’s other product, the ‘Quicktune performance chip’.

Another suspicious item is the seller’s description about the chip. They claim some pretty ridiculous things about the module when you actually read what they typed:

Gearboxx Engine Performance Chip Module Spelling Errors and Laughable Claims

This has got to be a joke – what is a microprocessor packed board? What is a transient voltage protection module, or a flux capacitor?? There is no such thing as a flux capacitor, unless you watch time travel movies! Their previous modules had no eeprom storage to speak of, and definitely no voltage protection module. This is something commonly found in AC power supplies and surge protectors – not a vehicle performance module! Either the seller cannot spell, or they wanted to fool people with large words that they themselves do not understand.

The real question is – does the Gearboxx engine performance chip module really do anything at all?

Internal Analysis

We purchased one of these Gearboxx Engine Performance Chip modules from ebay and examined the inside of the module:

Gearboxx Performance Engine Tuner Circuit Board Assembly PCB

When we removed the plastic top of the module, we saw the circuit board shown above. The module contains two boards. The lower one has only pin connections to the connector and the top board shown above is double sided. The color has been changed to black to prevent identification and a plastic cable has been added (left side of photo) to connect to the round reset button on the top of the module (the horse logo button). A total of three leds were present, which is eerily similar to previous light blinker scams. We noticed there is a voltage regulator, a diode, some resistors and a capacitor on the top side of the board – but no flux capacitor!

When we looked on the bottom side of the top pcb, we saw a familiar surface mount IC iocated on the rear side of the PCB to prevent identification:

Gearboxx Performance Engine Tuner Circuit Board SMD IC Hidden on Bottom Side of PCB

Further disassembly reveals the chip and components on the bottom side of the circuit board:

Gearboxx Performance Engine Tuner Circuit Board PCB Bottom Side

Note the ic chip is a PIC16F59 ic, commonly used inside previous scam light blinkers. Also note the 4MHz crystal oscillator at the top right of the PCB. This is also identical to previous scam chips we have reviewed.

Right away we see a problem here, because if one pulls the datasheet for the PIC16F59 IC, we can see from the manufacturer, Microchip, that this chip has a maximum program memory size of 3KB:

PIC16F59 Datasheet

From several searches, we verified that ECU maps for a vehicle will be at least 20KB or larger PER MAP! This is way too large for the PIC16F59 IC to contain. So, if this is the case, then there are no genuine vehicle maps onboard this chip. What can be stored in such a small 3KB sized space then? We have our own suspicions.

Another troubling fact is the uncanny similarity to the newer generation of Nitro OBD scam chips, the Super Nitro OBD Chip:

Gearboxx Performance Engine Tuner Scam Comparison Super Nitro OBD

The operation and layout is identical to that of the Super Nitro OBD scam. It is getting much clearer now what is going on here. Here is what the Super Nitro OBD scam chip sells for on Aliexpress as of the date of this review:

Super Nitro OBD2 from Aliexpress

So far, it appears that this is just another $3 light blinker being sold in a new colored case with a new logo, with identical lights and functionality.


We connected the Gearboxx Performance Engine Tuner as instructed to our test vehicle. We ran at least two tanks of fuel with the module connected and noticed no improved response, power or fuel savings – just a blinking light show!

Another feature that confirms our suspicions was the fact that the lights blinked in an all too familiar pattern – exactly the same as the Nitro OBD scam chip did. It looks like our suspicions were correct.


It is clear from our analysis so far that the Gearboxx Performance Engine Tuner Module chip is not a performance chip or a fuel saver – it is simply just another Nitro OBD light blinker with a different design on the case. The circuit, like the numerous other light blinker scams, blinks to give the illusion of communicating with the vehicle ECU, but in fact it does not. We would not recommend it as the Nitro OBD scam chips have been known to set error codes as well as cause random issues on some vehicles. The blinking signal can appear as random data over the OBD bus and permanently cause damage in some cases.


From our research and review, it is our opinion that the Gearboxx Performance Engine Tuner module is yet another of the numerous light blinker scams. It may also cause ECU damage, so we suggest avoiding it at all costs. Pretty case, bad product. You definitely want to pass on this one!

Average Horsepower (HP) Gain:
Average Torque (TQ) Gain:
Average Miles Per Gallon (MPG) Gain:
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