About Us

Performance Chip PCB Circuit Board

What is realperformancechipreviews? We are a group of auto enthusiasts dedicated to bringing the truth about auto performance chips and modules to the masses. We do not want to sell you anything. We DO want to show you the truth!

Realperformancechipreviews was started due to the lack of real, honest review websites for vehicle / auto performance chip modules. These parts go by several names, such as performance chip, performance module, power tuning chip, OBD performance chip, power chip, performance tuner, etc.

Looking for real performance chip / performance module reviews? Is your module real, or a scam? What performance chips actually work? While there are a few sites claiming to review these performance chips, they either do not go into enough detail, or are run by the same companies that make the performance chips!

We wanted to create a straightforward, unbiased, detailed review site to help people see what is really inside the performance chips they are buying. We analyze and examine each part so you don’t have to. We analyze modules we obtain ourselves and original photos we take ourselves.

Not sure if an OBD performance chip works? Uncertain what it is that you are actually buying? Let us take the mystery out of the performance chips sold on eBay, amazon, and other online sources and provide you with the real facts so you can decide for yourself!

What can you do? Please spread the word so people can avoid known scams and enjoy real products that actually work. We HATE scams!