Burger Tuning JB+ for N54 BMW Quick Install Tuner

This is a review and analysis of the Burger Tuning JB+ for N54 BMW Quick Install Tuner performance module. As with previous tuners in the same series, the internet gives this module a very high recommendation. If you are looking for a REAL Burger Tuning JB+ for N54 BMW Quick Install Tuner review, then this is for you! What is this product and what does it do when installed? Let’s take an in-depth look and find out:

Company Profile

The manufacturer is a company called burger motorsports and is based out of Simi Valley, California. Their products are available from several online retailers and tuning shops, as well as direct from their website, burgertuning.com.

This Burger Tuning JB+ tuner connects to the vehicle via the boost sensor under the hood. It is only available for select turbocharged engines. The manufacturer claims gains of anywhere from 20-40 horsepower.


The cost at the time of this review on their website for the JB+ module was $199 USD. This price is a little higher than previous modules we tested, but we are eager to see if this module is actually worth the cost and performs as well as many people say. Let’s find out more.

Product Appearance

The module comes in a sturdy, custom black plastic case which is pretty solid and visually impressive. The tuner itself has two connections, one on either side of the tuner:

Burger Tuning JB+ for N54 BMW Quick Install Tuner Top View

Does it live up to the claims? Let’s find out.

Internal Analysis

We purchased a JB+ for the BMW N54 engines and examined the inside of the module:

JB+ for BMW N54 Engines PCB View

We were surprised by the simplicity of the circuit board, but the reports about this module are solid, as well as several other products sold by Burger tuning. There is a variable resistor, capacitor, resistor and an integrated circuit marked ‘PIC18F2431’. The module does not require room for an entire engine map, as it only claims to make changes via the boost sensor, so it is possible to accomplish this with this PIC chip series.


So far this tuner looks promising. Here are the install steps we completed on the test vehicle:

1. The ECU must be asleep before removing TMAP connector. Open hood, lock and close doors, and wait 10 minutes. If you have comfort access place your keys far enough away to avoid waking the ECU up. Alternatively you may disconnect your negative battery terminal in the trunk.

2. If installing on a 135i or 535i, the airbox should be removed to access the TMAP sensor.

3. Locate the TMAP sensor on the charge pipe leading to the throttle body. This is on the driver side of the engine, below the diverter valves. It can be difficult to see so use a flashlight to spot it. Working from the driver side of the engine bay; reach your arm down between the airbox and the fender 12-18″. Use the two black diverter valves w/ accordion piping as a visual reference.

4. Insert the male JB+ connector in to the TMAP sensor so it snaps in place. The dot on the connector will be facing out to slide under the clip.

5. Plug the original male connector in to the JB+ female connector so it snaps in place.

6. Installation is complete! Your car will adapt to the JB+ over a few racing cycles.

We connected the module as instructed above:

JB Plus Bmw N54 Performance Tuner installed

After starting the vehicle and driving only a few miles, we noticed an immediate boost in power and response – the vehicle definitely had more pickup and ‘pep’. No error codes were set and the changes were obvious!


From our research and review, it is our opinion that the JB+ for N54 BMW Quick Install Tuner does work as claimed. The cost is a little high for an entry level tuner, but it required no other modifications to the vehicle and was very easy to add to the vehicle. Our tests showed an immediate improvement on an otherwise stock vehicle. The only downside, if any, to this module that we could find is that you must open the tuner to adjust the dial for more or less power, but this is mostly a ‘set and forget’ device, so it is not needed often. This device provided the best gains of any module tested to date! You definitely want to try this!!

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