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This is a Mighty Mite Performance Chip review / analysis. The Mighty Mite Performance Chip is available from Ebay and via the website, mightymiteperformance.com. A direct link to the chip product page is here: https://www.mightymiteperformance.com/order-page.html

If you are looking for a REAL Mighty Mite performance chip review, then this is for you!  Don’t believe the reviews on any manufacturer’s website without checking into the product first yourself. Let’s take a look:

Company Profile

The manufacturer is a company called ‘mightymiteperformance’, according to the website, mightymiteperformance.com, and claims to be in Canada. Their website offers two chips, a Red one for Diesel vehicles, and a Blue one for Gasoline vehicles. Their website also proudly claims this product is ‘made in Canada’. We know by now this is most likely false, as all these modules are manufactured in the same place – China.


The cost on the website at the time of this review, was $139.99 USD for either the Gas or Diesel module, but it said there was a special for only $119.99 USD. The cost is a very suspicious factor to us, given that this looks like many of the other Nitro OBD scams we have reviewed thus far. We already suspect what is inside these modules.

Product Appearance

Mighty Mite Performance Chip
Mighty Mite Performance Chip Packaging

The OBD performance module comes in two colors, a Blue module for Gasoline vehicles, and a red module for Diesel vehicles. We did not want to take their word for it, so we purchased one of each for testing.

The instructions claim basically the same thing that the NitroOBD scam did – to have vehicle programming onboard to allow the device to optimize the vehicle performance when connected to the OBD port.

From the mightymiteperformance.com website:

“Step 1 Open your new sealed package and remove your Stage II Power Control Module.

Step 2 Locate your OBD Port in your Vehicle. Plug in your Stage II
Power control Module into the OBD port.

Step 3 Turn your key to the on position do not start your vehicle. Then Push and hold the Install button for 5 sec. your finished.

Step 4 Go test drive your Stage II equipped vehicle. Have some fun and Drive Safe!”

Once again, this is the same install procedure that the NitroOBD scam provided – connecting with the key ON but with the engine not running.  Let’s see what it actually does.

Internal Analysis

After removing the cover of each of the two modules – big surprise! We were not really surprised to find a new version of the old familiar circuit board, just rearranged, for those of you who were with us for the NitroOBD scam:

Mighty Mite Performance Chip PCB

The circuit board is built around, once again, the PIC16F59 IC, although the location of the PIC chip has been rearranged. It, and the 4MHz crystal / resonator have been moved to the opposite side of the top PCB:

Mighty Mite Performance Chip PCB Side View

This may appear as a new design, but it is not. As we saw with the NitroOBD2 scam, there were three original versions made – this is one of them – with the PIC chip mounted on the underside of the board to prevent identification. Just like the NitroOBD scam chips, if one pulls the datasheet for the PIC16F59 IC, we can see from the manufacturer, Microchip, that this chip has a maximum program memory size of 3KB:

PIC16F59 Datasheet

From several searches, we established that ECU maps for a vehicle will be at least 20KB in size or larger PER MAP! This is way too large for the PIC16F59 IC to contain. So, if this is the case, there are no genuine vehicle maps onboard this module. What can be stored in such a small sized space then? We have our own suspicions.

In addition, the module claims to be custom programmed for a specific vehicle model. If this is the case, where is the programming port to flash the module with the vehicle programming? There is no port because the chip is preprogrammed before the board is assembled with the same code for all modules – a light blinker program!


We connected both of the Mighty Mite performance modules as shown in the instructions to our 2012 BMW 530i 3.0L L6 and the lights began to blink, in the exact same sequence that the NitroOBD chip did.

We followed the instructions and drove at least 200+ miles to give it the benefit of the doubt, and…… nothing. No power increase, no fuel economy increase. We did, however, see a neat light show!


It is clear from our analysis so far that the Mighty Mite Performance Module, like so many others, is nothing but a different colored NitroOBD chip with a modified circuit board. It does not have the physical memory on the chip to hold real vehicle ECU maps. 3KB of memory IS large enough for a light blinker program however, and we believe this is exactly what it truly is – a blinker in a clear blue or red case. The circuit appears to monitor the pins from the OBD port and the small microprocessor blinks the lights when activity is detected, giving the appearance of the chip’s operation. While some users online claim to have seen small gains in pickup or fuel economy, we believe this is due to either the placebo effect or other vehicle / environmental factors. While we did not get any error codes set by our Mighty Mite Performance Chips, others on the internet claim it does nothing.

Another interesting area to research is the Userid histories of these scam sellers on ebay. Most of the time, legitimate performance companies will only change their ebay seller name only once, or even keep the same name they had when they first started selling on ebay. Not always, but most of the time, the scammers will change the name of their seller account Userids several times, trying to look ‘official’ to buyers and match the garbage product they are selling. Our lookup on mightymiteperformance’s past Ebay Userid history shows this is indeed the case with Mighty Mite Performance chips:

mightymiteperformance Ebay UserID History

This shows us that only recently, approx two years from the time of this review, this ebay seller changed his username to match his product. Like previous ebay scam sellers, notice this seller sold several previous types of parts before he stumbled on the real money that is the Nitro OBD performance chip scam.  Almost exactly like another seller, recrepairinfo, we previously reviewed, he also sold manuals and ‘parts’ before fully delving into the Mighty Mite Chip scam. This is even more evidence to fuel our suspicion that this is just another scam.

Company Response

We sent the following message to the company before completing this review, and received this response.

Our message to the company:


We are an automotive performance chip review group and saw your performance chip. We have a few questions about your product:

1) Can you assure us this is not a NitroOBD scam? If so, why does the PCB inside look EXACTLY like the Nitro OBD chip?
2) Do you have any real-world proof of your performance?

Thanks for helping us to gather more information about your product for buyers on the net!

Company’s response:

Mighty Mite Performance Response

At least they provided a response – many others did not. Of course, from our analysis we already know it is exactly the same as the Nitro OBD scams and is not made in Canada, but in China. The ‘patented c049 and c051’ flashes are bogus as there are no Canadian or US patents shown for these, and our research proves the chip cannot hold a valid flash. All it can hold is a light blinker program. At least they tried…


From our research and review, it is our opinion that the Mighty Mite Performance Chip is another scam, albeit one of the first ones, as they have been at this for SEVERAL YEARS. It may also cause ECU damage, as reported by some users of the NitroOBD scam chip on the net, so we suggest avoiding it at all costs. It is a nice light show at best, damaging at worst. You will DEFINITELY want to pass on this one!

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  1. I had an engine light on an had a FIXD chip to install in the ODB port. When I looked, there was a Mighty Mite 2 already there with a pretty blue blinking light. I removed it and installed the FIXDm Started my 2011 Journey and the engine light was off. Went for a short tour and back home again and all was well, We’ll see what tomorrow brings…

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